Melanie Flowers for Judge
257th Family Court

 Melanie Flowers: Candidate for Judge, 247th Family District Court, Harris County 

Melanie Flowers and Governor Greg Abbott discuss child support laws and other matters impacting Texas families

  • Best Qualified - Most Experienced

For more than 21 years, clients have trusted Melanie Flowers to help resolve legal matters in the family law courts, from child custody to complex property disputes associated with a divorce. 

The native Houstonian has forged a legal reputation not only in the courtrooms of Harris, Fort Bend, and Brazoria counties, but also as a former faculty member of the acclaimed Family Law Trial Institute of the American Bar Association, which taught family lawyers from around the country how to try family law cases. Texas is one of the only states that allows jury trials in family law matters.

Why Is Jury Trial Experience Important?
"Most countries in the world have government officials investigating civil and criminal issues and then announcing the result without citizen input. The United States Constitution includes the right to have a jury trial as one of our basic freedoms. Many have fought and died to protect such freedoms in our country. It is important to have judges that are experienced in jury trials to protect just and fair litigation." --- The American Bar Association


Melanie Flowers has an enormous amount of experience as a family law trial attorney, mediator and advocate. She is the only candidate in this race with jury trial experience. She has handled extraordinarily large caseloads effectively and efficiently with the demeanor appropriate of a member of the Judiciary. But experience is not just measured by the raw number of cases handled. Wisdom is what was obtained from those cases. Ms. Flowers’ law practice is dedicated to complex litigation that often involves media attention. 




  • Judicial Philosophy - "we are not free if judges can redefine our truth"

Melanie Flowers serving as a Special Master in the 311th Family Court.
Melanie Flowers serving as a
Special Master for the 311th Family Court.

Melanie Flowers believes that judges hold a unique position in the governance of our community. It is important that they understand the Rule of Law and follow it, but they also need to understand their role in "limited government".  Melanie believes too often judges abuse their office and apply their personal policy preferences. That is NOT the job of judges. A judges role is to make sure:

  • The Rule of Law is enforced;
  • All litigants are treated with respect along with full and fair consideration of their cases;
  • the Court does NOT legislate
  • laws are applied fairly and honestly to all people who come before the court regardless of their political, social, or economic status.

Family Law Judges in particular should possess the highest level of legal experience in order to make just and fair rulings regarding the things we hold nearest and dearest.... our families and our life's work.

Melanie Flowers was also recently appointed to a quasi-judicial position. She was appointed by Judge Ed Emmett and Commissioner's Court to serve on the Harris County Sheriff's Civil Service Commission to preside, and rule, over officer appeals.

  • Community Leader and Volunteer

Melanie Flowers does not confine herself to practicing family law; she is a wife, mother and active in her church and community.

Melanie serves as:

  • SREC Committeewoman for Senate District 13
  • 2014 - 2015 President of Daughter's of Liberty Republican Women
  • Harris County Republican Party Precinct Chair #140
  • Commissioner, Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission – Appointed by County Judge, Ed Emmett 
  • President of Jack & Jill of America-Greater Channel Chap.
  • Volunteers at her children’s schools and a number of other community and political organizations


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Melanie Flowers
257th Family Court Judge

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